Тема: Strontium Nitrate 99% powder manufacturers

High purity 99% Strontium Nitrate CAS: 10042-76-9 signal flare chemicals
1. Top Quality based on 98%min content
2. SGS inspection support
3. competitive price
4. shipment: 10 days after receiving the deposit.
Molecular Formula: Sr(NO3)2
Molecule Weight: 211.63
CAS NO.: 10042 -76- 9
Appearance: White Free Flowing Crystal or Powder
Colorless crystallization or white powder, relative density 2.986.Melting point 570. Easily dissolve in water, liquid ammonia, slightly soluble in anhydrous alcohol and acetone. Decompose to emit oxygen by heating, and become strontium nitrite, emit nitrogen monoxide and nitrogen dioxide to produce strontium oxide by further heating. As oxidant, it will cause combustion and explosion if contacts, rubs, hits with organic matters or meet fire, and burst into carmine flame. Venomousness!
Liquid Crystal GradeIndustrial Grade
Water insoluble matter≤0.050.1
25kg export standard water-proof plastic woven bag or as customers' request.
Used for making red firework; signal lamp of sea-route, railway and aerodrome; signal shell, flame tracer and flame tube in national defense industry. Also used as aluminiferous agent of making television kinescope and optical glass. Still used in medicine and manufacture of fluoroph.
Within 10-20 days after the deposit or delivery to the port.
1. Stored in the dry and ventilation place and prevent rain and sunlight exposure. rained, heated.
2. Avoid mixing with organic compound or sulphur or reducer during storage and transportation in case of explosion
3. Handle with care against friction and bounce while handling and pile.
4. The fire caused bu sodium nitrate can be put out by using lots of water
Our advantages:
• Prices: we can quote best price due to we have factory.
• Quality: Products certificated with CNAS, CMA, SGS etc.
• Service: Strong R&D team and qualified engineers, good sales and after-sales departments to meet any customized requirements.
• Production capacity: Advanced production equipments with more than 300 workers to meet any ordered you make!
• Our outside market: USA, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Turkey, Spain, Russia, Singapore, Korea, Japan etc
• Cooperation concept: Quality first, credit principal, reasonable price, customer uppermost
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